Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Casting News} TMI Simon Lewis!

So today TMI fans of the Twitter world got #WeWantSimon trending at number 2 and 3 worldwide. :D So Cassie treated up with the guy who is officially cast as Simon Lewis in COB!

Robert Sheehan is Simon! You might know him from the British show Misfits. Cassandra posted on twitter that Robert, Lily, and Jamie had great chemistry together, and were perfect! And this is CC's dream Simon. :D So it's just awesome all around. <3 Though, he's Irish--which just makes me all the more happier. (I love Irish people.)

Here's what Cassie said on her Tumblr post.
So remember when I said we wouldn’t have a Simon till July for Reasons? The Reasons were that the actors up for Simon had to test with Jamie and Lily in Toronto to see how the chemistry worked. When I talked to Jamie and Lily yesterday it was about who we thought was the absolute best, the most Simon-y Simon, and fortunately we all agreed.
He’s totally cute and adorable and HILARIOUS, and his chemistry with Lily and Jamie is off the charts. I’ve wanted him for Simon for ages so I am pretty much totally and entirely happy.

So, guys. What do you think? Are you as excited as I am over this hella awesome news? :D 


  1. Best casting choice yet, he's perfect!

    1. Totally agree! Simon just got a whole lot sexier in my mind. ;)