Sunday, December 4, 2011

WHEN COPPER SUNS FALL by KaSonndra Leigh - Book Trailer

Hi, fellow bloggers! So KaSonndra Leigh released her book trailer for her debut book, When Copper Suns Fall on her website. She was kind enough to let me be her first reviewer, so she gave me an e-ARC of her book! She's a very kind person. :) I think you guys will be in for a treat when it comes out Tuesday. ;) (December 6th, 2011)

Enjoy the trailer! It's very mystifying.

About the author.
KaSonndra Leigh lives in Durham, North Carolina. She's completed her Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and is now looking forward to playing CLUE more often. She lives in an L shaped house (see Karmic Requests under the essays section) where she's created a secret library complete with fairies, venetian plastered walls, and a desk made out of clear blue glass. For more information, see the six word memoir to the right...

Favorite TV Show: Xena Warrior Princess
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Favorite Music: Sarah Brightman
Favorite Book: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
Favorite Food: Italiano
People I Most Admire: Nezetta Tomlinson Wall - R.I.P.

Hope you guys enjoy her book when it comes out! I know I did. :D Make sure to get a copy~

My review of When Copper Suns Fall.

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