Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{Casting News} TMI: We have our Alec!

Exciting news broke out on Cassie's Twitter and Tumblr today about the casting for Alec Lightwood for the movie of City of Bones. :D Rumors have been going around lately that Kevin Zegers is playing Alec, and well..they were right. ;p I'm suuuper excited that he gets to play Alec, he's perfect for the role and the casting people couldn't have chosen a better person~

Here's what Cassie said:
So in fact the gossip sites got it right but at the time there was no signed paperwork and he wasn’t actually cast yet so — there wasn’t anything I could say. Especially after we already had one Alec and lost him. So really I’ve been ripping out my hair since then. I think there are just pieces left.

Kevin was actually one of the first actors approached to play Alec but his schedule didn’t work with the filming originally so they went with someone else; then the scheduling changed once again and it didn’t work for Alec Mark Two, but did work for Kevin. Such are the vagaries of casting.

I’ve always liked Kevin, since Transamerica, and I had him on my website for Sebastian for ages which is funny in retrospect because now I’ve seen him play Alec so I think he’s much too nice for Sebastian.

One of the things I really liked about Kevin was that one of Alec’s audition scenes was the scene where Alec shouts at Clary in City of Bones and tells her she endangered Jace’s life. And a lot of the actors who auditioned played it yelling and really mean so you just thought, boy, Alec. What a jerk that guy is. Kevin played it with a quiet sort of intensity that grew through the scene so you could see through the cracks of the anger and think: wow, this guy is really scared and vulnerable. Because that is the Alec people love.

What do you guys thinks? Is he your Alec? I think the only one left now is Valentine...
I can't wait to see who plays him~ 


  1. He's not really my Alec, but I love Kevin Zegers. So I will be okay with that :)

    1. I was kinda the same way too, but I came to accept him. xD