Friday, August 10, 2012

{Cover Reveal} Oath Bound by Rachel Vincent

Oath Bound
(Unbound, #2)
by Rachel Vincent

Expected Publication: February 19th 2013
Publisher: Mira
Format: Paperback, 400 pages
Pre-Order: Barnes and Noble | Amazon

The Tower Syndicate will fall...

The secret daughter of the head of an infamous Skilled crime family, Sera Brandt has hidden her past, her potential and especially her powers. But when a tragedy strikes her other family, Sera needs justice. And the only way to get it is to reveal her heritage– including a rare Skill– and take the reins of the Tower Syndicate from her cunning and malicious aunt.

if he can figure out how...

Kristopher Daniels might have the answer. He's fought the syndicate to protect his sisters, but he'd never realized just how close to the new heir he needed to get....

And if they can survive.

Neither is used to trusting. But there's something between them that can't be ignored. And so Sera is on the run with a man she can't figure out, a target on her back and the new knowledge of just how powerful she really is....

My Thoughts: This is one of the series I've been wanting to read since I first heard about Unbound. Ugh, and this cover just whets my appetite even more. :c I need to find the first two books...

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