Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo: Behind-The-Scenes On COLS Book Trailer

Cassie shared a teaser today of the COLS trailer! Back shot of Jace. ;)
Ugh, I absolutely can't wait for this book. So much so that it hurts! ;P And I definitely can't wait for the trailer. If it was anything like the Clockwork Prince trailer, it should be awesome. <3

Here's what Cassie said about the still:

Onset at the City of Lost Souls book trailer filmage. (Is filmage a word?) The director and the back of book-trailer Jace’s head. I don’t know who is playing Jace in the trailer, but he has nice hair. And a stylin’ sweater. Which fits, as City of Lost Souls Jace has fancier clothes than previous Jace.

Also, the City of Lost Souls Chapter Hunt has started. You can read the first chapter, starting here. :) 

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