Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{Cover Reveals} Clockwork Princess and Scarlet

Clockwork Princess
(The Infernal Devices, #3)
by Cassandra Clare

Expected Publication: March 19th 2013
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Format: Hardcover, 496 pages
Pre-Order: Amazon

In Clockwork Princess, Tessa and her companions travel all over the world as they race to stop the clockwork army before it’s too late. As Jem’s health worsens alarmingly and his friends search desperately for a cure, can Tessa choose between the two boys she loves—even if it means never seeing the other one again?

My Thoughts: What we had to go through...to get this friggin' cover. I do have to say that this is my favorite cover out of TMI and TID. I love the dress to pieces, and the light coming out of the books is just fantastic. I LOVE IIIIT! Is the book the Codex or what?

Expected Publication: February 5th 2013
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Format: Hardcover, 464 pages

Book two, Scarlet, is based on Little Red Riding Hood. It continues Cinder’s story as she attempts to escape Queen Levana’s vengeance and learn more about her past. The story also introduces readers to Scarlet, a girl living in southern France whose grandmother has mysteriously disappeared. In order to find her, Scarlet seeks the help of Wolf, a street fighter with more than a few mysteries of his own.

My Thoughts: I like this cover, but I don't love it. I liked the first cover better, though. But I get that this is sticking with the story that it's based on, Red Riding Hood. And the red cloak. So it matches. :)


  1. I loved those covers. Are beautiful. In this moment I start with Clockwork Prince. And I will buy Cinder.

    1. I love CP2. :) And Clockwork Prince was fantastic! So was Cinder. :D

    2. I definitely want to Cinder. Because Cinderella cyborg! WTF! Hahaha. And, why not you follow my blog? ¬.¬
      Just kidding haha xD

    3. I didn't follow it before because it's in Spanish, I don't speak very good Spanish. Dx but I just now followed it nonetheless. :)

      Also added you on Pottermore! ;D Look out for MoonIce85.

    4. I speak very bad English xD hahaha.
      But for some news or covers do not need to know much.
      You know ;)

    5. And you can use the translator in the right sidebar :D