Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Reading Resolutons!

Ah, 2012. How I've been anticipating you! went by way to quick. But a start to another year with great books is the best way, I think. ;) So here are some of my new year resolutions for books.
  1. Post at least four to five reviews a month. - I was a little behind on reading last year. (That sounds weird now. ;P)
  2. Get my 2012 Reading Challenge for Goodreads done. - I had my GR challenge last year to 100 books, but I had to dwindle it down to 70, because I realized I couldn't do it towards the end of the year. D: Now I have 80 books for the challenge. :)
  3. Read more from my 'TBR' pile! - This is a pet peeve for me, because there are so many books that I haven't read, but I have and want to read. It's just so annoying, because I feel like I won't get them read.
  4. Talk to more bloggers. - I haven't been very active on this part of my blogger account. I'd like to socialize with more bloggers, make new friends. :)
  5. Get more reading done in general. - Speaks for itself. :D
I hope to stick by this list, possibly add more to it! But who knows as of now. :) But these five things are the most important to me right now. Or that need to get done first.
Favorite Books of 2011

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